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Taishan Forum, Insighter and you are talking about antibiotic substitutes and zinc reduction

On June 12, 2019, on the eve of the “Taishan Forum-The 15th (2019) Animal Nutrition and Feed Science and Technology Exchange Summit”, Guangzhou Insighter Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held the “Insighter Technical Seminar-Intestinal Health” conference. More than 70 representatives of feed enterprises from various cities in Shandong participated in the meeting and had deep communication on antibiotic substitutes and zinc reduction issues. During the meeting, Dr. Peng Xianfeng, R&D director of Guangzhou Insighter, gave a report on “Principles for Solving Intestinal Problems-Insighter’s Theories, Methods and Tools” and “Specific ‘antibiotic substitutes and zinc reduction’ Program”. He talked about ‘antibiotic substitutes and zinc reduction’ in-depth with some enterprise technical personnel on specific issues.




On June 13th, Dr. Xianfeng Peng also shared the ideas and work done by Insighter on ‘antibiotic substitutes and zinc reduction’ at the Taishan Forum. The guests at the conference learned in detail about Insighter’s “1-classic-model, 3-simple-principle, and 5-step classic solution to intestinal problems”. They showed a strong interest in and highly appraised Guangzhou Insighter’s products and the efficient and mature plans for ‘antibiotic substitutes and zinc reduction’. Insighter will continue to serve the feed enterprises with excellent products, high-quality services and practical mature plans. The meeting was a complete success.