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About us

Guangzhou Insighter Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a research-driven national high-tech enterprise founded by Dr. Xianfeng Peng in 2008. Insighter® specializes in R&D of high-value patented compounds for feed additives and new veterinary drugs. It has chemical and comprehensive biology labs in Guangzhou International Business Incubator and the South China Center for Innovative Pharmaceuticals; an experimental farm (2,000㎡) in Xinhui Guangdong; a raw material factory (10,000㎡) and a feed additive factory (10,000㎡) in Nanxiong Fine Chemical Industrial Park (Certified by ISO9001 and ISO22000).
Insighter® gathered nearly 30 professional R&D talents in multiple disciplines, covering veterinary pharmacology, preventive veterinary medicine, medicinal chemistry, chemical technology, animal nutrition, pharmaceutical analysis, toxicology and genetic engineering technology, etc. In China’s feed additives and animal healthcare industries, Insighter® was the first and only one to carry out designs (including screening and optimization of lead compounds), synthesis, screening and testing of various molecules for innovative feed additives and veterinary medicines. 103 invention patents have been applied. The company has been recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise in 2014, and was approved by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department in 2017 to establish the Guangdong Provincial New Feed Additives Discovery Engineering Technology Research Center.