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About us

Dr. Xianfeng Peng  /Veterinary Pharmacology

● 1996 BVSC, Hu’nan Agricultural University.

● 1999 MSC in Veterinary Pharmacology, South China Agricultural University.

● 1999-2000  Engaged in feed medicine plan and technical service in Technology Center of Shenzhen Kondarl Feedstuff Group.

● 2000-2001 The first to popularize kitasamycin as a feed additive in a well-known feed additive company in Guangzhou.

● 2000-2004 Established a pig feed premix company in Hu’nan.

● 2001-2004 Doctor of Veterinary Pharmacology, South China Agricultural University.

● 2004-2007 Engaged in R&D and technical service of medicine additives in a wellknown feed additive company in Guangzhou.

● 2008- Founded Insighter®, also acts as R&D Director.

● 2017- Director of Guangdong Innovative Feed Additives Technology Research Center.

● Since 2008, he has gradually established a team and R&D system for original feed additives and veterinary drugs; leading every new product’s development in Insighter®.

Dr. Haijun Liu  /Animal Nutrition

● 1995-2000 MSc and PhD, Animal Nutrition, University of Missouri-Columbia, US. Supervisor: Gary Allee.

● 2000.08-11 JBS, US. Formulator.

● 2000-2005 Shandong, Liuhe. Formulator of swine feeds.

● 2005-2006 Zhengbang Group. Technical Director.

● 2006-2012 Shandong YTZH Group, Technology Leader of swine feeds.

● 2013.01-04 Technical Director of Swine Feed Department of Guangdong Haida Group.

● 2013.05-2014.04 EVONIK(SEA)PTE. LTD., Singapore. Technical Sales Manager.

● 2014-2020 Guangdong Haida Group, Deputy Chief Engineer of swine feeds.

● 2021.04- Insighter Deputy General Manager, Technical Director of Animal Nutrition.