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Position Name: Technical Service Manager (2) 
Job Requirements: Position Responsibilities:
1. Provide technical support and animal feed formulation to customers, and practical problem solving for customers.
2. Provide product training to sales representatives.
3. Prepare and translate documents relating to products including without limitation to brochures, experiment reports, presentation slides.
4. Provide helps on making marketing tactics and product planning.

Position Requirements:
1. Animal nutrition, Feed science or other relevant majors. Doctor’s degree or above.
2. Have professional theoretical knowledge. Working experience in feed additives industry is desired but not required.
3. Ability to present and comfortable with public speaking in small crowds and conference. Marketing, management and sales skills preferred.
4. Understand and accept company core values.
5. Ability to work with colleagues and willing to travel in all provinces.

Salary and Benefits:
1. Comprehensive on-the-job training, sustainable career development prospects.
2. Competitive salary system, annual salary 300,000 to 400,000 RMB (negotiable).
3. Generous talent rewards and subsidies.
4. Six social insurances and one housing fund, providing free physical examination every year.
5. Enjoy statutory holidays and a 15-day Chinese New Year holiday.

Please Contact:
Email address: Coco_HUITING@126.com
Name: Vivian Lee
Phone: 13265078930





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Number of recruits:   2 Work place: China
Release date:   2021-01-01 End date:   2021-12-31